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KLN Professional is a Medical Billing Company specializing in Occupational and Physical Therapy Services. We provide billing and account receivables management to health care professionals and their Patient Accounts.

Pricing + Services

Professional Billing Services

Medical Billing Services for Occupational and Physical Therapy healthcare professionals in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and San Diego, California.


Electronic and Paper Claims Submission.

Claim "scrubbing" for efficiency.

Provider Credentialing.

Claim Submission Follow Up.

Appeal Filing on Behalf of the Provider or Patient.

Acting Liaison Between Provider, Patient and Insurance Company.


Data Import Fee starting at $650.00

15% —For each account processed contingent on the cash recoveries from accounts.

$50.00 per Hr. —Included credentialing any new Therapist with each insurance Company including Medicare. Enrollment into electronic funds transferring allowing insurance payments to drop directly into your bank account.

We take the stress out of your financial planning by managing your Accounts Receivable, while you manage patient care.

Keisha R. Byard

A message from the CEO

“KLN Professionals will work hard on your behalf to ensure that you receive payment for services rendered from the insurance payers quick, allowing you to have greater financial security for your Practice”.

Call or email us today to get answers to all of your questions. We are here to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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What We Do?

A Top 10 Service

KLN Professionals is a Medical Billing Company specializing in Occupational and Physical Therapy claims. We provide billing and receivables management to Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist as respects of patient accounts.

We operate our business Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. We work expeditiously to ensure that your claims will be the first batch to hit all Clearing Houses for processing.

We submit all medical claims electronically at the top of the morning to allow your claims to hit the Clearing Houses first.

We scrub every single claim before submission to ensure a clean claim in and an expedited payment sent out by correcting ID numbers, NPI numbers, home addresses, group numbers, PTAN numbers, etc.

We follow up on every single claim we submit to the insurance companies, and we enforce the prompt payment laws if needed.


Of using KLN Professional Billing Services.

Electronic submission is efficient & allows your claims to be processed quick.

The efforts we take allow for expedited payments.

We have a high customer satisfaction rate.

We follow up to ensure all payments are sent promptly.

We have friendly Customer Service.

We work to help you receive money quick.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Susan Greenberg, MS, PT
    As a former client, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Keisha. She is exactly what you dream of in a biller – persistent but polite, gentle yet persuasive, determined yet considerate. She is nothing short of the best choice for all your billing needs. Keisha approaches all issues with a plan and well thought out approach. She is effective and has a high rate of success even with difficult cases. I would give her an A+!
    Susan Greenberg, MS, PT
    Best Physical Therapy Associates, New York
  • Sean Waters
    I have been fortunate to enjoy a 16-year professional relationship with Keisha (KLN) and I have come to know her quite well. She has been chiefly responsible for the billing and collections aspect of my business for substantially its entire existence. It should also be noted that she has assumed other roles of leadership in the business, while, at the same time, presiding over our billing and collections efforts. Keisha is one of the most diligent, consistent and reliable people with whom I have worked. Her work ethic and understanding of billing and collections is unparalleled. She has an uncommon ability to stay a few steps ahead and has a knack for keeping information organized and ready so that my business questions get answered promptly and thoroughly. You can count on an improvement in Days Receivables Outstanding if she is responsible for your billing and collections effort. She has been an invaluable cog in my business and I could not possibly provide a higher recommendation for any person or company proposing to perform billing and collections for a healthcare company. It might be the best decision you could make to bring her on to your team.
    Sean Waters
    Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, New York
  • Dr Pamela Lawton
    I am pleased to write a review for KLN Professional Billing. Keisha and her staff were great to work with. On many occasions she and her staff assisted us with administrative matters related to billing that we should have been more familiar with-but were not; and this was crucial to the survival of the practice. They were very responsive to our calls and emails and resolved issues expeditiously! We have since transitioned to an all inclusive EMR system and no longer require the services of KLN Billing. If you are in search of a billing company that will work to maximize your full business financial potential, then KLN should be your first choice!
    Dr Pamela Lawton
    Heights Hand Therapy OT, New York, NY
  • Keith Good, Founder/Director
    Keisha Byard is by far the most knowledgeable medical billing consultant I've met in my 30 years of experience in private practice. I would give her the highest level of recommendation. Very attentive and sincere to the sensitivities of my needs. Thank you sincerely Keisha!
    Keith Good, Founder/Director
    Good Physical Therapy, Reading, PA

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How quickly do you file a claim?

Our business recognizes the importance of timely filing as late filing could lead to denials of claims. KLN Professional billing has an excellent track record of filing 95% of all claims to the appropriate payers within 24 hours of receiving the claim (excluding weekends and holidays). The additional 5% is related to batches that were either received late from the practice or claims that require additional information (progress notes from the doctor’s exam, proof of necessity) before being accurately submitted.

2How are claims submitted?

Our main goal is to submit as many of our claims electronically as possible. Submitting claims electronically as opposed to paper claims has many benefits.

  • Fast receipt of payment - Electronic claim submissions are processed more quickly than paper claims.
  • Easier to track - You can verify the claim status of your claim at any time by simply going on the internet.
  • Fewer claim rejections - Paper claims are frequently rejected for small inaccuracies or omissions. Electronic claims can lead to fewer incorrect or incomplete claims. You can also have an electronic clearinghouse verify all claims are accurate before they are forwarded to the payer.
  • Less paperwork - You do not need to store any paper claims which should make your record-keeping easier.

Many of our clients have 90% or more of their claims sent out electronically. We also sign you up with as many payers as possible to receive your payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

1How will you work my accounts receivable?

KLN Professionals has successfully collected thousands of dollars in collections and insurance claims from multiple payers nationwide. Our technology platform has a customizable collections module which means we set up detailed, custom collections worklists tailored to your practice’s payer mix. This tool allows us to keep your Accounts Receivable well below the MGMA average for your specialty which means more of your money is in your pocket versus tied up in the practice. Our high-quality billing software platform combined with our competent team of collections and billing staff can help your practice see a significant increase in your year-to-year revenue. KLN Professionals specializes in physical and occupational therapy billing services.

KLN Professionals will help your practice collect the money that you are rightfully owed. We ensure speedy collections through daily billing, payment posting, and following up with the claims.

2How does data move from my practice to KLN Professionals?

KLN Professionals has made it extremely easy for your practice to transfer the data to us. Through the use of innovative, HIPAA-compliant cloud server technology, moving information from your clinic(s) to KLN Professionals occurs by simply dragging and dropping files into a folder we will place onto your desktop. It is incredibly fast, convenient and efficient!

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